Consulting Services

General Consulting

Dr. Beatty has served as a consultant to an impressive roster of companies and industry associations. She has spoken to numerous groups in Canada and abroad, including provincial and federal governments, private industry, human resources associations and universities in Canada, and internationally.

She has assisted in facilitating change and team-based structures at numerous private and public sector organizations including:

  • Alberta Newsprint Company
  • Accys
  • Barbados Light and Power
  • Bombardier Inc.
  • Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation
  • Canadian Nurses Association
  • Correctional Services Canada.
  • Ciba Specialty Chemicals
  • Dubai Aluminium
  • Molson Breweries
  • MTS Advanced
  • Ontario Association of School Business Officers
  • Ontario College Relations Board
  • Peregrine Oshawa
  • Veterans Affairs Canada

Dr. Beatty is also a trained facilitator in Future Search (Weisbord and Janoff) and Whole System Change (Dannemiller Tyson).

Custom Consulting Programs

Dr. Beatty also leads various custom training seminars, based on Queen's IRC programs, for organizations that need to put a number of employees through a training program that is tailored to their needs, and at a location of their choice. Many organizations in both the private and public sector partner with Dr. Beatty to develop training programs with high impact and relevancy.

Dr. Beatty will bring the following programs, which last one to four days, as required, to an organization's doorstep:

Change Management @ Warp Speed:
This interactive program includes briefings on change management theory as well as an opportunity to work as a change planning team on the multimedia simulation “Change-o-Mete”. It gives participants a structured approach to planning and implementing change, and helps them address major challenges such as:

  • how to stay in tune with the trends impacting your organization;
  • how to create your vision and strategy;
  • how to move action in a timely manner and create the necessary sense of urgency; and
  • how to build support and commitment for change.

Teams @ Warp Speed:
It is likely that within your organization are teams grappling with challenges that stretch their thinking and their ability to work cohesively. But it is unlikely they have the critical process skills that IRC Director Dr. Carol Beatty has identified as key success factors of high-performing groups. This program helps participants:

  • diagnose the effectiveness of existing teams;
  • create effective team management practices, problem-solving processes and conflict-handling protocols; and
  • learn how to create a great team.

The Change Clinic:
In this intense, one-day program, we have distilled the key learnings of our five-day Change Management program. In the morning, learn the change management theory that has been used by countless organizations. In the afternoon, become part of a learning team and play the Change-o-meter simulation.

The Learning Organization Clinic:
How many of your organization's processes or systems have outlived their usefulness? Learning at the organizational level requires that processes and systems be designed to capture new knowledge, then store it, retrieve it, and use it. Participants identify their organization's preferred learning style and develop an understanding of how they can help teams and individuals match organizational learning style to organizational challenges.

The Strategy Clinic:
How does an organization decide on a strategy based on one of the three “value disciplines”: operational excellence, product leadership, or customer intimacy? Why is it best to focus on a single value discipline? What are the options for a company to grow market share and which are the most risky? IRC Director Dr. Carol Beatty provides answers to these crucial questions during the first part of the clinic. In the afternoon, it is time for you and your team members to “play” the strategic change simulation Panorama at the Crossroads. Which one of three strategies will you select to guide the company back to profitability?

Choose from in-house training or training at a convenient venue off-site. Either way, minimize travel costs and time and immediately implement newly-acquired skills.

Some recent clients:

  • Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board (organization development)
  • City of Kingston (leadership development)
  • The Loyalty Group (change management)
  • Telesat Canada (change management)

For more information, email; contact the Industrial Relations Centre at Queen's University at, or telephone IRC 613-533-6628.

Team Benchmarking

In addition, Dr. Beatty helps organizations to benchmark the phases of one of their change initiatives against a research-validated database to find out where strengths and weaknesses lie.