Dr. Beatty contributes to prestigious journals including Business Quarterly, Sloan Management Review, and Human Relations.

Employee Ownership: The New Source of Competitive Advantage

She is also the author of The Facilitator Guide: Building High Performance Teams (1998 with B. Barker), and Employee Ownership: the New Source of Competitive Advantage (2001 with Harvey Schachter). Employee Ownership is based on a seven-year study that focused on ten companies. It is a thought-provoking resource that presents the realities of the employee-ownership model in action, providing a vital roadmap for those on the journey to successful employee ownership and adoption and implementation.

Dr. Beatty's upcoming book (with B. Barker), soon to be released by Sage Publications, is based upon her major study of high-performance work teams in several Canadian organizations. This ground-breaking research has identified three critical sets of process skills that lead to high team performance: good team management practices, problem-solving skills, and conflict-handling skills.

Dr. Beatty has also authored four complex multimedia business simulations used in high-level human resources education: Panorama at the Crossroads, Change-O-Meter, and Harmon Health. She has written numerous case studies and working papers.