Practitioner Training

Dr. Carol Beatty is Director of the Industrial Relations Centre at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario. She trains leaders from hundreds of public and private sector organizations, including associations, corporations, government ministries and agencies, and educational institutions. These include AGF Financial, Alberta Newsprint Company, Alcan, Bell Canada, Bombardier, Ciba Specialty Chemicals, Correctional Services Canada, Dubai Aluminum, KPMG, Lear Corp., The Loyalty Group, Telesat Canada, and Veteran Affairs Canada.

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This spring and fall, Dr. Beatty will be teaching in the following Queen's IRC seminars:

Collaborating for Group Ingenuity
Teams are essential in many organizations - they bring together people with the right skills, experiences and authority to work on common challenges. But not all teams are effective. In this challenging and rewarding seminar program, you'll learn the critical process skills that differentiate effective from ineffective teams.

“The session leaders are informed, energized, responsive and flexible. The exercises are thought provoking and illustrative. A good approach. A good product."

- Art Zuidema, Lawyer, Executive to City Manager, New City of Hamilton

Change Management
Winning organizations are set apart by their ability to implement the changes they plan. And while all managers have to be good at managing change, a human resources professional has to be a change master. This highly interactive five-day seminar will develop your skills in planning and implementing change, from diagnosing the need to taking action and aligning your organization's systems to the change.

“Just what I needed at this point in my career. The combination of theory and practical assignments really adds value to this program."

- Robert Alldritt, Senior HR Business Advisor Petro-Canada Lubricants

Change Management at Warp Speed
Change is the single most important issue facing organizations today. This three-day interactive workshop teaches you and your team members how to become change masters. Using our Change Wall planning system, teams will create a change-implementation plan for an existing or upcoming change project. As with all of our programs, we focus on participant-centred learning and employ leading-edge computer simulations.

“A truly rewarding learning experience! Not only were the facilitators excellent, the course materials were extremely helpful and immediately applicable to my work environment. I would highly recommend this program for anyone contemplating a significant change initiative in their workplace.”

- Todd M. Mayhew, Associate Director, Human Resources, Bell Canada, Toronto, ON

OD Foundations
Organization development is the art and practice of linking people with purpose. It employs a systems perspective, thoughtfully aligning elements of structures, strategy, process, leadership, learning, and relationships for maximum strategic leverage.

OD Foundations provides the theories, insights, and lessons you need to learn to align your organization's people systems with its strategic goals. The first section of a new certificate series from the Queen's IRC, OD Foundations gives solid grounding in an area of increasing importance to HR practitioners.

Feedback from participants:

“An extremely informative and enlightening program chock full of great tools, ideas and systems.”

“Carol gives a higher-level view. She is talented, skillful, highly credible and engaging.”

Designing Organizations for OD Practitioners
With continuous change in the external environment driving continuous change within our organizations, managers are realizing that designs based on the principles of scientific management — with steep hierarchies, powerful centralized bureaucracies, and narrowly defined jobs — are hopelessly outdated.

Organizational design is therefore becoming an important skill set for the OD practitioner.It refers to the unique ways in which organizations structure their social and task processes to achieve clearly articulated business objectives. In Designing Organizations, participants learn key concepts and skills involved in creating effective designs that are flexible enough to accommodate change yet fit for today.